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The Recycling Sham Netflix Broken DocuSeries

by Marco Augugliaro |

Broken - The Recycling Sham is the latest docuseries of Netflix releasing on 27th November on the platform. The series is a provocative insider look in the hyper consumption model with the truth lens, often lost in the world of social media and crafted pr.

plastic bottle pollute sea and water

In the age sustainability bonanza, where suddenly major corporations, the real responsible of the plastic pollution catastrophe try to clean their act, leaving profit pretty much at the centre of their goals. It is called "green washing".

In the series we see the bottling empires relabelling their weapons of mass pollution in the name of a new clean face. Forgetting or pretending to forget the real end problem. The final destination of this waste, the beaches of Southeast Asia.

Kairen works in those countries, to give an alternative to the western waste. Kairen trunks are made of recycled plastics, on average the content of 350 plastic straws or more than 13 plastic bottles. Otherwise destined to the ocean.

We praise Netflix on this bold production.


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