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Look for the turtle within the garbage piles.

Have you been lucky?

Have you found the turtle? 

This is one of the many situations when we faced the uncomfortable truth of pollution.

Kairen Purpose

With italian lifestyle at the core, Kairen strives to preserve the

beauty of ocean and nature. “Kai” = Ocean, “Ren” = Pure, Clean. Ocean plastic pollution is an ever-growing concern, and at

Kairen, sustainability is the core of the proposition.

Inspired by the glamorous, classical style of the Southern coast of Italy from the 60s & 70s, Kairen brings an elegant launch

collection made with 100% recycled plastics.

We have created Kairen, with a purpose, an idea. Contribute for a more sustainable future, subtracting wastes and cycling back as resources. Kairen is a lifestyle. At the centre a way of intending style and freedom, being conscious of the impact on the surroundings and nature.